Beuth University and Berlin

Study in the heart of Berlin

The Beuth Hochschule Berlin has more than 12.000 students and a history, which dates back to the early 19th century. The Beuth Hochschul campus is located right in the heart of Berlin, in the Mitte district, and easy to reach by an extensive system of subways, buses and city trains.

The city of Berlin has nearly 3,5 million inhabitants and is the biggest city and capital of Germany. It is the second largest city in the European Union, next to London. Apart from being the seat of the German government, Berlin is the biggest university town in Germany and the cultural center of a new, united Europe.

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Bibliotheksführungen für Erstsemester
Für Erstsemester bietet die Campusbibliothek spezielle Führungen an - jeweils am...

14.10.2016 · 14:00 Uhr
Zum Start des Wintersemesters veranstaltet der AStA am 14. Oktober 2016 ein großes Hoffest am...


Beuth - so bunt wie Berlin

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