Datum: 01.11.2017
Beginn: 11:40 Uhr
Ende: 12:10 Uhr
Organisator: Beuth Hochschule
Ort: Haus Gauß, Raum B545

LunchTalks are brief events offered three times a semester entirely within the lunch break, thus enabling the entire Beuth community to attend. LunchTalks concern captivating topics of Education, Society, Business, Science and Engineering that last 15-20 minutes with additional time for discussions.

The (In)Famous Numerus Clausus – Basic Law: University Capacities and Law Suits

In Germany everyone has the right to freely select their occupation/profession, their place of work/residence and their place of training/education. However, what if the desired place of training/education cannot accept every applicant for lack of capacity? Every year there are about 17,000 applicants for Beuth’s 70 degree programs, making five applicants for each place of study available. How do we determine how many students can be accepted? What exactly is this Numerus Clausus? What happens when some of the rejected applicants sue the university to obtain a place? We will take a look behind the curtain regarding capacity law.
Corinna Schroeder, M.A., Head of the
Academic Affairs Unit

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