LunchTalk: Off to Antarctica

Datum: 02.05.2018
Beginn: 11:40 Uhr
Ende: 12:10 Uhr
Organisator: Fachbereich I
Ort: Haus Gauß, B 545

LunchTalks are brief events offered three times a semester entirely within the lunch break, thus enabling the entire Beuth community to attend. LunchTalks concern captivating topics of Education, Society, Business, Science and Engineering that last 15-20 minutes with additional time for discussions.

Off to Antartica

Come along on a Beuth research cruise to Antarctica aboard the German research vessel Polarstern. What were we up against? We aspired for nothing less than to raise an oceanographic station off the floor of the ocean two kilometers below in the deep. Our hopes were placed in Beuth's recovery apparatus entitled MODUS specially designed for this daring feat.

Could we force the hand of nature to yield up the prize of our operation? Join us on our journey!

Vice President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans W. Gerber, Background in Energy and Process Engineering, Dept. VIII

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