LunchTalk: Virtual Mobility Goes International: Benefits for Students and Teachers

Datum: 23.05.2018
Beginn: 11:40 Uhr
Ende: 12:10 Uhr
Organisator: Fachbereich I
Ort: Haus Gauß, Raum B 545

LunchTalks are 30-minute events offered three times a semester during Wednesday lunch breaks, thus enabling everyone to attend. Presentations last 15-20 minutes with additional time for discussions. LunchTalks concern captivating topics regarding Education, Society, Business, Science and Engineering.

Virtual Mobility Goes International: Benefits for Students and Teachers

There is great potential for Virtual Mobility to contribute to the internationalization of higher education by dramatically reducing barriers to the physical mobility of students and teachers, in particular through Open Education online courses, resources, and open credentials. The Beuth University is blazing a trail into the future of everyone's access to education through its Erasmus+ strategic partnership program entitled Open Virtual Mobility. Study the Future with us!

Prof. Dr. Ilona Buchem (Communication and Media Sciences, Dept. I)

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