Can I be a professor?

Online Workshop on the successful path to a professorship at a University of Applied Sciences (UAS)

Datum: 15.10.2020

Beginn: 16:00 Uhr

Ende: 19:00 Uhr

Organisator: GuTZ

Date: Oct 15th, 2020, 4-7pm (CEST/UTC+2)

At first sight the German academic system seems inscrutable and vague. To be successful requires taking several steps and a certain understanding of the underlying mechanisms. Nevertheless, the reward of finally becoming a professor seems worth the struggle; it includes a lifelong position with a steadily raising salary and in many cases professors even become civil servants.

The Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) are different from full universities: Their main focus lies on teaching students all the necessary skills for a successful professional life. Professors are free to also do research or apply for third party funding, there is however no pressure to publish scientific papers on a regular basis or to lead several projects. The appointment requirements also differ: In addition to a doctorate a minimum of five years practical working experience is mandatory.

The workshop is divided into two parts: The first part will give insight into the requirements of becoming a UAS professor with a focus on the statutory provisions. In the second part we will have a look at the application process, which usually takes up to two years and for the most part stays hidden to the applicant. If there is time left we can briefly discuss the application portfolio. All attendees are invited to raise questions during the session in a chat or beforehand via mail.

The workshop will be held in English, but questions can be raised in German and English.

Everyone* who is interested to learn more about the German academic system, especially the path to a professorship at a University of Applied Sciences, is invited to join the workshop. Please inform us via mail be-a-professor[at] and we will hand you all necessary information.

*The workshop is financed by the Equal Opportunities Program to Promote Women in Higher Education of the Berlin Senate Administration. If you identify as non-male/female you're most welcome to participate.

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