Please find below the most frequent questions around professorships at Universities of Applied Sciences. The list is updated regularly.

At Beuth University any appointment is an appointment for life.

Other federal states in Germany have different regulations, e.g. a two-year probation period before your contract will be extended for an indefinite period of time.

Before the age of 51 professors will become civil servant. If not the contract as an employee will also enclose a tenured position.

Each professorship comes with a specific salary group which is either W1, W2 or W3.

As a professor at Beuth University you will be ranked in level W2 as are all professors here. The exact amount depends on a variety of factors such as the state where the university is located.

For an overview the website of the Hochschullehrerbund provides an up to day chart. Please visit the following website: Hochschullehrerbund and klick on the button 'PDF' on the right side. A table opens, now please check for 'BE' (Berlin). There are two amounts and the one on top is what you earn as a W2-professor at Beuth University before any additional expenses such as taxes or required insurances. It absolutely depends, but might be up to 40% of what you earn.

At a university of applied science the main task is application-oriented teaching.

During the term the teaching load is 18 periods per week (one period = 45 min). Besides or during winter- and summer-break you can carry out research projects.


At the beginning you're obliged to teach 18 periods per week during the term (one period = 45 min). If you carry out research activities during the term or contribute to self-governing bodies your teaching obligation can be reduced.

Pedagogical aptitude and teaching experience can be built up for instance through a lectureship at a University of Applied Sciences. As UAS regularly look for professionals from outside the university to teach within their fields. Teaching can also be carried out at weekends as a compact course.

Are you already experienced as a company trainer or a vocational lecturer? Please include all your experiences in your CV.

The Beuth University lists all open teaching poisition on its website: Please klick here (German language only)

In case you applied for a professorship and never received any response please get in touch with us. We might be able to check about the progress of the whole appointment process and what happened to your application: be-a-professor[at]beuth-hochschule.de 

Through your appointment for a lectureship, you will become a member of Beuth University. As a member of the university you are eligible to attend up to four workshops in the Berlin Center for Higher Education (BZHL) free of charge every term. The two-day workshops "FOKUS gute Lehre" ("FOKUS good teaching") are highly recommended and usually take place just before the beginning of term.

In addition to the workshops, you will also have the opportunity to exchange experiences with your colleagues.

  • Interest in working independently.
  • Fun working with students.
  • To enjoy teaching, i.e. passing on knowledge and explaining things.
  • Interest in (practical) research and scientific publishing.
  • Motivation to be engaged in the academic self-government.

Your initial salary can be increased by an appointment bonus from the beginning and by performance bonuses over the years at regular intervals. After several years your salary will be automatically higher than in the beginning.

Beuth University grants an appointment bonus only if an employment contract is concluded in order to compensate financial disadvantages against professors who become German civil servants.

Please ask if you have questions: be-a-professor[at]beuth-hochschule.de

If the faculty council agrees to your request for a sabbatical term for research, your teaching obligations are suspended for a semester while your salary payments continue.

Citizens of any country within the European Union can become German civil servants, whereas third-country nationals need an exception permit from the responsible authority of the Berlin political Senate.

You may apply in English, but once you started the professorship you are expected to acquire fluency in German within a reasonable period of time. The period in which you are supposed to adopt your lessons into German, will be contractually agreed.

The working conditions of a professorship at a UAS provide a better balance between work and family than in many other jobs.

The lecture periods (term) and the lecture-free periods (roundabout 5 months a year) form a good equilibrium within the academic year.

Of course!

As an alternative to national and international research co-operations , you might prefer to focus on developing your teaching, e.g. in higher education didactics, virtual learning techniques, in initiatives with refugees, etc.

In addition, academic self-administration and university management offer opportunities for a professional development.

It can help you increase your chances to participate in an apllication process. As a member of any University you're usually permitted to attend appointment procedures.

Several organisations also offer professional trainings to prepare you for job interviews.

Furthermore don't hesitate to apply in order to train your own performace during the job interview. Only very few people succeed at their first attempt therfore it can be helpful to have already performed as a candidate during more than one appointment procedure.

Definitely yes.

The educational system in Germany is currently changing and more and more study programs and classes are held in English. Nevertheless the main language is German. All basic courses, the whole administration and any document distributed is in German. You can improve your language skills on the job and it can help if you stress your willingness to do so during the application process, but even the apllication process will be mostly in German.

But there is no need to worry: German language classes can be found literally everywhere in the city even for small money or free of charge.

For further questions or comments please feel free to contact us: be-a-professor[at]beuth-hochschule.de.