Path to a professorship

To be eligible for a professorship at a University of applied science certain qualifications are required which differ partly from those at universies. Each federal state in Germany has its own Act on Higher Education defining the requirements. In Berlin the Berlin Act on Higher Education (BerlHG) paragraph 100 sets these as follows: 

  • a higher education degree (Masters, Diploma or similar degree)
  • a doctorate
  • minimum 5 years of practical professional experience of whch three have to be from outsite universities
  • pedagogical experience approved by teaching assignments, guest professorships or similar
  • further requirements accoring to the possition (as statet in the job descrition)

The graphic below illustrates schematically the path to a professorship at a university for apllied science (please click to enlarge):

View image in black and white

On the following sites you can inform yourself about the requirements for a professorship according to your qualification. If you already know you're lacking some important qualification e.g. a doctorate or professional experience you can get informed about what that means for your career

Please keep in mind that each application process as well as each cv is different and we can only provide some general information. If you want to apply for a professorship don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more detailed consulting. Read more on our website for detailed information about our offers.

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