Path to a professorship

The professional requirements of a professorship at a University of Applied Sciences are only partially congruent with those of a full university professorship. They are laid down in the respective university laws of the federal states. In Berlin paragraph 100 (BerlHG §100) regulates the conditions that need to be fulfilled for a university professorship. There it says:

(Please note: The English text is a translation of German law. In case of discrepancies, the original German wording is legally binding and takes precedence.)

Article 100 Employment requirements for professorships

(1) In addition to general public sector employment law requirements, the minimum employment requirements for professors, with the exception of junior professors, are

  1. a university degree,
  2. teaching ability, usually acquired through experience in teaching or training,
  3. a particular aptitude for academic work, usually demonstrated by an outstanding doctorate, or a particular aptitude for artistic work and
  4. in addition, depending on the specific requirements of the position

a) additional academic or artistic achievements or

b) special achievements in the application or development of academic knowledge and methods gained during at least five years of professional experience, of which at least three years must have been spent outside university or other higher education institutions.

That means:

  • A minimum of 5 years of relevant professional experience, of which at least  3 years are to be acquired outside higher education
  • A doctorate
  • Pedagogical suitability, proven by  advanced training, lectureships / teaching appointments, visiting professorships or similar.

The graphic below shows the path to a professorship at a University of Applied Sciences.

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The following pages provide an overview of the formal criteria and how those can be obtained.

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