Working Experience

If you are interested in a professorship, practical work experience is essential. It is important that you have worked several years outside of a university, e.g. in the private sector, in the industry or as a freelancer. In Berlin this also includes research institutions, such as the Helmholtz Association, the Leibniz Association, the Fraunhofer Society or the Max Planck Society.

Further requirements for the recognition of your work experience are:

  • Only jobs after the first university degree (Bachelor's) count.
  • Only employment of at least 50 percent of a full-time position will be considered. In case of a freelance position further proof is will be required.
  • It needs to be a qualified position, which meaning it has to match your field of expertise (your degree).

If you did your PhD on a working contract, two of those years can be taken into account.

Proof of work experience

Any application for a professorship has to include a complete CV, which explicitly shows the amount of years of your work experience. In Germany the most common proof of your work experience is a written employer's reference that is received  at the end of an employment. Those are part of the application. Naming people as potential reference is uncommon.

In case of self-employment, the proof is more difficult, but still necessary: Contracts, confirmations from former customers and tax assessments are accepted as proof.