Teaching experience

In general universities of applied sciences place great emphasis on teaching. If you are interested in a UAS professorship, it is very important to proof that you are pedagogically qualified. Teaching groups usually consist of around 25 to 50 students and practical exercises performed in one the university’s laboratories are a common teaching method.

What counts as teaching experience?

The term itself is used relatively broadly when applying for a professorship. It includes:

  • Seminars at universities / UAS
  • Teaching-like formats, for example trainings for trainees and doctoral colleges
  • Seminars in the context of adult education.

The important part is, to demonstrate that you have gained some pedagogical knowledge during your career. In Berlin the Berlin Center for University Teaching (BZHL) offers a variety of courses for further pedagogical qualification.

Practical experience as a teacher

In order to gain teaching experience, you might consider taking up a teaching assignment at   one of the universities of applied sciences, whether or not you’re aiming for a professorship. These short-term contracts are usually assigned for one semester and for one subject including possible (student) exams.

Currently each teaching assignment is remunerated with € 38.00 per course hour. One teaching hour is 45 minutes. Further details are regulated by the Beuth university’s guidelines for the remuneration of teaching assignments (German only).

We at Beuth University would be happy to welcome you as a teacher. Current vacancies can be found on the central page for job offers (German only). If there is no suitable advertisement for you, you can always contact the faculty and ask about possible further teaching positions.

Should you have any further questions about teaching at the Beuth University, don’t hesitate to contact us: be-a-professor[at]beuth-hochschule.de