Be a Professor

Practical teaching – implementation of project ideas – professional perspective with a future

Those are the cornerstones of a professorship at a University of Applied Sciences (UAS).

For more than 50 years, UAS have been training young academics in various subject areas. So has the Beuth University of Applied Sciences: over 13,000 students are currently enrolled in its eight faculties and more than 1,000 complete their degrees every year. Almost 300 professors and around 600 lecturers work here and as the number of students increases, their number raises as well.

The profile of Beuth University of applied sciences is structured mainly along STEM subjects, but with intersections to the humanities and life sciences. Within the next years, around 60 professorships will be appointed anew – a generational change that offers many opportunities as subject areas are changing and experts as well as young scientists get the chance to apply for a professorship and become a part of Beuth University.

Since professors and lecturers are crucial in assuring successful studies, it is important to attract qualified and committed professionals, who are interested in actively managing  the upcoming change.

On the following pages you can find more information about the job profile of a professor at a University of Applied Sciences, the required qualifications and how those can be obtained. The most important questions are compiled in the FAQ section.

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Please note:

Any information provided on the following sites might only account for the state of Berlin, especially those concerning the appointment procedure. In case you wish to apply for a professorship at a University of Applied Sciences outside Berlin please consider getting in touch with someone from the respective state to verify the information.