Lunch Talk

Will the real China please stand up?

Datum: 18.11.2019

Beginn: 11:40 Uhr

Ende: 12:10 Uhr

Organisator: Fachbereich I
Ort: Haus Gauß, Raum B 025

Will the real China please stand up?

Lecturer: I-hua Lin (Language lecturer at Beuth Hochschule with focus on intercultural competences and Chinese)


These open-invitation talks are 30-minute events offered three times a semester during Wednesday lunch breaks, thus enabling everyone of the Beuth community to attend. 

Presentations last 15-20 minutes with additional time provided for questions and discussions. Presentations concern captivating topics regarding Education, Society, Business, Science and Engineering. Everyone – students, administrative staff, and university teachers – is cordially invited to attend.

Lunch Talks

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Will the real China please stand up?