Beuth credits

Recognition of Beuth credits

If you change degree programme while studying at Beuth University of Applied Sciences, re-enrol at the university, or change the conditions of your studies or examinations, an official decision will be made regarding recognition of all credits earned up to that point.

Credits will be recognised if the acquired skills are equivalent. The provisions in § 40 of the Framework Study and Examination Regulations (RSPO) apply.

If the target module awards credits along with a grade, then any ungraded recognised credits (e.g. “successful”, “passed”) will be given a grade of “sufficient” (4.0) unless you specifically request in writing that you do not wish for these credits to be considered.

Failed examination attempts taken at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences will be added to the total number of examination attempts if the scope and content of the module is the same.

When changing your course of study within the university, you will be placed into a semester based upon the scope of the recognised credits.

Recognition of credits earned at Beuth University of Applied Sciences represents a special case. If you have attended a module or course from a different degree programme, you can apply for this to be recognised for your programme as long as there are no substantial differences in regard to the skills acquired. Please discuss your plans in advance with the person responsible for credit recognition for your programme as well as with the teaching staff of the courses you wish to attend to ensure that the module can actually be recognised. Please apply after successfully completing the module using form “Anerkennung von Studienleistungen”. Further information about the rules of recognition can be found in the Framework Study and Examination Regulations (RSPO) § 2 (5) und § 6 (13).

Please note that the recognition process can take some time. You will be notified of the decision by the Studienverwaltung upon completion of the process.

If you have any general or organisational questions, please contact the Studien-Info-Service. For specific questions relating to your field of study, please see the relevant person for credit recognition or academic advising.