Introduction to Quality Management in the Semiconductor Industry

26.08.2016 09:30 Uhr

Jürgen Wittmann, Werner Bergholz (Hrsg.): Introduction to Quality Management in the Semiconductor Industry, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 1. Auflage 2016, 474 S., 74,69 €, ISBN-10: 1535046341, ISBN-13: 978-1535046343

Based on many years of practical experience of both authors in the semiconductor industry (semiconductor material and technology as well as quality management) this book provides a general overview of methods and tools in quality management in connection with and with special emphasis on semiconductor specific topics related to quality. It also contains many generic technical and business processes which have to be detailed and adjusted according to particular company, product or business segment requirements. The primary purpose of this book is to provide the “fast lane” to practical quality engineering and management in the semiconductor industries.

In line with this objective, this book is meant to be more a guide to practical quality engineering and management, rather than a scientific treatise. Although it has been written for the semiconductor technology community, it goes without saying that it is useful for almost all other industrial areas, since in a way semiconductor technology (in particular microelectronics) is a good model case how 100% stringent QM can be implemented in practice.

Prof. Dipl.-Phys. Jürgen Wittmann