Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the most frequent questions around professorships at Universities of Applied Sciences. The list is updated regularly. For further questions or comments please feel free to contact us: be-a-professor[at]

The focus lies on teaching. The usual load is 18 teaching hours per week during the semester (one teaching hour = 45 minutes). Additionally or during the semester break professors are free to conduct research or apply for third party funding.

Each professorship comes with a specific salary group – W1, W2 or W3. All professors at Beuth Hochschule are ranked in group W2. The University Teacher Association (Hochschullehrerbund) provides an up-to-date chart of the different groups for each German state.

Scroll down the website to the link ‘Aktuelle Übersicht der Professorengehälter in der W2-und W3-Besoldung’. A table opens, now please check for 'BE' (Berlin). Of the two amounts the upper one states what UAS professors in Berlin earn. Please note that this is the amount before any additional expenses such as taxes or required insurances.

Any UAS professorship in Berlin is an appointment for life. Other federal states may have different regulations, e.g. a probation period of two years before an indefinite appointment.

Before reaching the age of 51 professors automatically become civil servants. Appointments of older professors still enclose a tenured position; the contract is then however that of an employee.

Yes. Taking over a position in the university’s self-administration automatically reduces the teaching load. Further reductions are possible.

Because of the high amount of teaching hours per week research is conducted differently compared to full universities. Many research projects have a practical orientation and are often conducted in cooperation with companies or other institutions. Furthermore, research projects are often smaller and therefore less time-consuming.

Yes. Learning the language is a huge advantage and will help immensely in the everyday life. Although it is becoming more common to apply in English, most classes are still held in German and the whole administrative sector is also only in German (language).

Every professorship is different and so are the professors. However, it can be helpful if applicants:

  • Enjoy working with students
  • Enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge
  • Show Interest in research and scientific publishing
  • Show Interest in academic self-administration

It is expected that you move your permanent residency to Berlin to be available for meetings during the week.

Almost all professors in Germany are appointed by an appointment commission, which is responsible for the whole process at the faculty. Each commission consists of various representatives from the faculty and from all status groups. Sometimes (external) members from other faculties are involved. The Women’s Representative is also always invited.

At the Beuth University of Applied Sciences appointment commissions consist of:

  • 4 professors
  • 1 student
  • 1 administrative staff member
  • 1 academic staff member
  • The women’s representative of the faculty
  • The representative for severely handicapped employees

In case you applied for a professorship, but never heard back, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will try to clarify what happened with the appointment process and your application.

Citizens of any country within the European Union can become German civil servants, whereas third-country nationals need an exception permit from the responsible local authority.

No. Appointment processes are open to all applicants. Since there is no academic staff under a professorship, it is not possible to qualify internal applicants.

All professorships are advertised as full-time positions. Once appointed it’s possible to request a reduction of the weekly working hours for a limited amount of time.