About the job

What is a UAS professorship?

Being a professor at a university of applied sciences (UAS) can be a demanding and fulfilling job. Each professorship covers a specific expertise and enriches the university in teaching and research. All professorships as a whole shape the university's profile.

Prospective professors should meet the following requirements:

  • Providing (students with) a wide range of courses for students
  • Participation in the academic self-government
  • Personal guidance and assistance of students
  • Realisation of new projects
  • Scientific research

Unlike at full universities, teaching takes up a large part of the job : Each new professor starts with 18 lecture hours per week (1 lecture hour = 45 minutes). Any additional service in the academic self-government – e.g. acting as head of a commission or member of the academic senate – leads to a reduction of those weekly teaching hours. Many UAS usually offer sabbaticals to conduct research projects, however, the pressure to initiate new scientific research projects and to publish in international journals generally remains much lower than at full universities.

In exchange the practical part is significantly higher: It is expected to pass on your experiences from your own professional practice to the students. They want to learn about the practical relevance and how the knowledge they have acquired can be applied. This is usually one of the reasons why many students decide for a university of applied sciences over a full university.