Professorship at a UAS: What does that mean?

What is a UAS professorship?

At most Universities of Applied Science prospecitve professors should meet the following requirements:

  • Willingness to offer a variety of different courses for students
  • Interest in academic administration
  • Personal guidance and assistanceof students
  • Realisation of new projects
  • Scientific research

At UAs a large part of the job is teaching: Each new professor starts with 18 lecture hours per week (1 lecture hour = 45 minutes). Any extra service in the administration - e.g. head of commissions or member of the academic senate - can lead to a reduction of those weekly teaching hours. Many UAS usually also offer sabbaticals to conduct research projects, but overall the pressure to initiate new scientific research projects and to write international publications is lower than at regular universities. 

The picture below illustrates the main differences between professorships at UAS and professorships at regular universities. Please note that it's a simplified outline.

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